Foundation Training

Lee & Staci - Foundation Training


We bring a sense of “suka” or ease to  whatever modality we utilize.  It isn’t  necessary to utilize our “flight-or-fight”  response and activate our sympathetic  nervous system into high gear.  We are  already stressed out enough!


Kripalu Yoga, specifically, is more accessible  to more people of varying ages, with various  schedules.  This is the reality – we are still  on a schedule.  It is simply more attainable  to those of us who live in the West.



A ground-breaking modality that integrates  muscular chains and manipulates gravity to  your advantage.  Say good-bye to back  pain!  Foundation Training exercises strengthen the entire  system, utilizing breath and very specific  isometric movements.  This leads to a pain-  free body as well as improved posture!



The Brown Bag contains it all.  The Brown Bag is full of the various modalities we use to create day-to-day functional movement.  Lee Glenney and Staci Jacobson strive to create fitness explorations which all feed into each other; these systems are all interconnected.


- We utilize the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) exercise testing technique with corrective exercise strategies

- Kettlebell training includes periods of resting, breathing, “holding your ground” between sets.  Complimenting vigorousness with a sense of ease

- Indian Club training  rehabilitates and strengthen the shoulder  and entire shoulder girdle system

- Sandbags are a seemingly simple tool offering dynamic variable resistance training

- The Restorative Breathing Method is employed to maximize breathing efficacy