Multiple Modality Fitness

Why use more than one modality or training tool?  Does a trainer need to teach more than one style of fitness?  The answer for Lee and I is that we are urged to continue learning.  Learning keeps our interest and and our training fresh.  This brand of training offers more choices to help individuals overcome physical limitations, and make room for limitlessness.

We specialize in wellness, incorporating rehabilitative Polestar Pilates, Kripalu Yoga as well as Kettlebell training.  Indian Clubs, TRX, Ropes and Sandbag training are great training tools, when appropriate for a given client.  We tweak my clients’ programming with other body weight modalities, such as Foundation Training and Original Strength. 

For instance, the Pilates system offers volumes of exercises and is so wonderful on its own.  However, our clients  enjoy the freedom and creativity of culling from and incorporating the knowledge offered by so many visionaries in the fitness field.  Fitness is indeed a vast landscape.



Cheers, and our best to all of you!

Staci & Lee


November 11, 2017 5:25 pm