The Perfect Accessory: Foundation Training

After more than 15 years working in the fitness field, my husband and I are celebrating our first blog today.  How exciting!  We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the initial blog than with a few words on Foundation Training.  

When I first heard about Foundation Training, my first thought was, ‘It’s a dead lift, nothing more.’  However, upon closer inspection, I was positively impacted by actually doing the exercises and experiencing the physiological transformation of these exercises for myself.  The so-called ‘dead lift’ happens to be called the Founder, which, when coupled with a certain breathing pattern, Decompression Breathing, forms the building blocks of this system.  So, the team here at Brown Bag Fitness quickly became certified instructors.

A little background:  Foundation Training was created by Eric Goodman of Santa Barbara, CA.  Eric was in Chiropractic college and in so much back pain at the time that he didn’t know how he would complete his courses.  He created the exercises that took him “out of pain and into performance.”  

My entire body is invigorated using breath work and a multitude of isometric movements.  My body is stretched from fingers to toes in the process.  I get to be greedy with my inhalations and wrap my core around my exhalations.  There’s a lot going on at one time, so concentration is paramount here – which also exercises my brain!  Most of the exercises strengthen the posterior chain, which are the muscles that run primarily along the back of our bodies.  Foundation Training puts these muscles to work, which are a great antidote to the effects of sitting.   Another stellar result is improved posture.  It’s a win-win protocol.

The stresses that we absorb in our daily lives don’t seem to be going away any time soon.  For the past 15 years, we have been practicing what we thought was the perfect combatant to the ills of our modern day society.  But now we have discovered the perfect compliment to our yoga/fitness practice.  We look forward to sharing what we have learned with all of you!

Staci Jacobson and Lee Glenney