About Brown Bag Fitness

Brown Bag Fitness is a New York City-based fitness company.  We keep it simple: We respect movement. We respect the integrity of each body’s movement and we respect all of the tools we use to celebrate the movement of each individual.   Since we work with older adults as well as people in all stages of life, we are careful to work within each person’s rhythm.  We maintain honesty and truth and remain present in the moment.  We believe in creating parallels between paradigms.  In other words, what we practice at Brown Bag Fitness is a symbiotic relationship between the body, mind and spirit.


We strive to uncover the most efficient approach in the service of our clients’ health and well being.  Join us as we celebrate and respect the movement experience.


Please call 917-797-0160 or email us for rates and details.


Lee GlenneyLee Glenney

Lee’s exploration of fitness took flight from beginnings in dance and theater in college studies.  A lifetime learner, Lee has studied just about every modality that came down the pike in his 17 years as a Personal Trainer and Kripalu Yoga Teacher.  He developed a keen respect for the science of movement.  Through studying the practices of such people as Paul Chek, Pavel and now the work of Eric Goodman, Lee aspires to fine-tune his program design much as an accomplished craftsman approaches beginning a work of art.


Lee has a tremendous appetite for nutrient-dense foods, and studying the role they play in nourishing one’s entire health system.  He is also a licensed holistic chef, having studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute of Cooking in New York City.


Favorite Lifestyle Practice:  Leading a double life of daytime fitness and after midnight heavy, intense skillet cooking


Inspiration for movement:  Knowing that without hesitation I can jump on a jungle gym and move like kids do!


Latest Aha! Moment:  Breathing practice rocks! Want to dramatically lower stress levels, enhance posture and even break through those fitness barriers? Incorporate more breathing practice in your life.



Staci JacobsonStaci Jacobson

Staci has roots in theater arts, physical comedy and writing.  After learning to nurse many of her own injuries, she started teaching exercises to anyone she knew who was in pain.  Teaching = empowerment to her.  Although one can’t always control what difficulties our bodies encounter, Staci has always tried to impart a positive attitude about the unlimited potential in every body.

Staci is fully licensed in Comprehensive Polestar Pilates on all apparatus.  Polestar Pilates, developed by Brent Andersen, is a medically approved form of Pilates, used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers around the world.  Kripalu Yoga has given Staci strength, peace and has set aside a place for individual exploration in these last 17 years of practice.  Staci discovered Foundation Training, tauted by Joseph Mercola as the most recent break-through in functional fitness.  This is also a body-weight strength training technique, and the perfect compliment to the kettle bell and strength training programs she designs for her clients.


Ultimate Breakfast:  Bacon (humanely sourced), pastured eggs, – over easy,  waffles and Gimme Coffee java!


Movement Inspiration:  Witnessing a much older adult display amazing physical prowess.


Guilty Pleasures:  Bingeing on breathing in a candle-lit room.